Craighead Custom Homes San AntonioAt Craighead Custom Homes attention to detail and customer service is a goal that we have built our business around. Our home building process begins with meeting to discuss the vision for your new custom built home. This would include discussing style, size, amenities, price range and time frame in which you would like to proceed with the design and construction of your home. We will help to put together all of the pieces to bring your dream home into reality.

  • Once your vision is realized, a visit to your home site will be necessary. During this visit we will discuss how you want your proposed home placed on the lot and the opportunities and constraints the specific site may have to offer. We will discuss the lands topography and tree cover (which has a great deal to offer when making your site selection). We also will help with suggestions for optimal 30views, solar and prevailing breeze orientations.
  • Based on all of the information gathered, we can start the design process by arranging a consultation with one of our award winning designers and architects.
  • While our designers/architects are working on your preliminary plan we will introduce you to our interior design team. You will begin the selections for the home, reflecting your own style and needs. Selections will range from masonry and roofing materials, door and window types and styles, to fixtures and appliances. With flooring materials to compliment interior wall and ceiling selections. After your initial consultations the designer will work on a plan for your review and comment.  Home furnishings from your existing home and new additions will be considered during this phase of our process. This phase should run concurrent with the preliminary structural design process.
  • A budget and time line that will meet your expectations will be discussed at this time, as well as any financing needs you may have. Our team has many financing options available at your request and can be discussed in detail at this time. A pre construction contract will be entered into at this time.
  • A final house plan and specifications, including all engineering will be prepared for your review and comment with our staff on hand to guide you through the intricacies of the final planning process.
  • Once a final plan is submitted for your review and approval, a construction price and contract will be submitted to you. A contract deposit will be required at this time with a credit for the pre construction deposit. Allowances will be included in our price for interior design elements as selections are made once the interior design process continues with the start of the construction of your new home. Landscaping and pool allowances can be addressed at this time.
  • At the closing of your construction contract you will receive a complete warranty package from our company for your review prior to the start of construction.
  • Once construction begins our team will work closely with you to make any selections that remain or to address any questions or changes you would like for us to evaluate as we move through the process of completing your new home.
  • Draw request will be submitted to you for progress payments on work that has been completed. this will be required on a monthly basis and credited to your total contract amount as the home progress’s through the construction phase.
  • The physical construction phase consists of the following seven-stage approach.
  1. Site survey and clearing, slab stake out with owner/builder inspection. Approval and request for the commencement of construction, utilities, site locating and installation.
  2. Foundation/slab construction
  3. Framing, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning rough in, roofing infrastructure in place. at the completion of this phase our team will meet with you at the site to discuss specific placement of cabinets, mechanical and electric systems.
  4. Windows exterior doors and masonry installation, roofing completion, followed by the installation of insulation and sheet rock.
  5. the home is now considered “dried in” and the interior components of your home are ready for installation. Cabinets, trim, interior doors, tile, wood floors, wall and ceiling treatments are installed. Countertop installation completes this phase. our team will meet with you during this phase  to review hardware, mirror and final closet lay outs.
  6. Interior and exterior plumbing and lighting fixtures and appliances are installed as painting and flooring is completed.
  7. Final site grading, flat work and landscaping are completed.

At this time your home is ready for a walk through inspection with one of our staff to inspect the construction in place, our interior designer will have been working with you on selections throughout this process and will be available for final review and feedback. After our inspection and review the house will be made ready for your final walk through and preparation for move in.